Special company for industrial diamonds - Media GmbH

Synthetic diamond micropowder - Media GmbH
Synthetic diamond micropowder

with convincing refractive power

Diamond pastes - Media GmbH
Diamond pastes

for grinding and polishing

Natural diamond micropowder - Media GmbH
Natural diamond micropowder

certified sources only

Spezialunternehmen für Industriediamanten - Media GmbH

Tomorrow's ideas - for today's problems

We are a medium-sized company engaged in the distribution of primarily German synthetic diamonds or synthetic diamonds made on German presses. Whether you need diamond grains, micropowders, pastes or emulsions, you can reach solutions for your specific application with us.

With over 30 years of experience, we have achieved a high level of flexibility and quality in a specialized field that enables us to respond quickly and accurately to the needs of our customers, thus delivering customized diamond solutions. Ask us, because only physics sets limits, that we all can not handle.