Natürliche Diamanten für die Schmuckherstellung - Media GmbH

You do not want to do without natural material and want natural diamonds for your jewellery processing or production? Depending on the desired refractive power, we offer you different grain sizes of natural diamonds. If you are looking for a paste or emulsion, take a look at our synthetic diamond products.

Natural diamond micropowder - Media GmbH

Grain sizes in my

0-0,25 my 3-6 my 15-30 my
0-0,5 my 4-8 my 30-40 my
0,75-1,5 my 6-12 my 40-60 my
1-2 my 8-16 my
2-4 my 10-20 my


Packages 1 container of 50, 100, 500, 1000 cts each

Other grain sizes and spread widths on request, with appropriate purchase quantity possible.

Natural diamond micropowder in different sizes

Our natural diamond micro powder "AND" is available in the following sizes and grain sizes. The price varies for the grains from 0,25 - 0,75 my and from 1 - 60 my and can be requested by you via contact form. We only use diamonds from certified sources.

Natural diamond micropowder AND - Media GmbH

Parities for all Media Products: Deliveries are free of charge against calculation of a packing and forwarding fee. Payments: net within 30 days from date of invoice.