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Mould making and polishing

Injection moulds or press moulds require a final finishing touch after CNC milling. You also need fine polishing for polishing moulds, such as for pressing rims or lapping workpieces - and with our diamond pastes we offer you a large selection!

Target group "Mould making and polishing" - Media GmbH

Wire industry

Wire production and wire processing, whether aluminium, copper or steel wires, make special demands. For the processing of drawing dies we offer industrial diamonds in various designs.

Target group "Wire industry" - Media GmbH


Do-it-yourself enthusiasts reach the limits of conventional polishes in a variety of tasks: to remove rust from metallic or hard chrome surfaces, for example, or from burnt-in brake linings on aluminium rims. Here we offer with our diamond pastes agents, which can also be used as chrome polish and leave nothing to be desired. The same applies to the processing and design of glass, ceramics and natural stone, where there are no limits to make the imagination real.

Target group "Do-it-yourself" - Media GmbH

Automobile industry

Cylinder heads and modern high-performance engines are demanding cast iron and carbide products that must be optimally machined. Our synthetic diamond products are ideal for processing.

Target group "Automobile industry" - Media GmbH

Tool construction

Nothing is worse for toolmakers than inaccuracies and deviations. In order to give high-quality tools the perfect finishing touch, we offer various industrial diamond products.

Target group "Tool construction" - Media GmbH